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Marc Lore on Walmart E-Commerce Acquisitions — AdWeek

Marc Lore recently discussed Walmart’s e-commerce acquisition strategy: “'[We’re] trying to create a portfolio of these brands that give us proprietary content for a reason for [a] millennial to come shop inside the Walmart ecosystem,’ Lore said “We’re not going out making billion dollar acquisitions. We’re buying companies that can help accelerate us to the fundamentals.’” P.S. Ever wish you could sit down with an expert and discuss your strategy? Now you can! 8th & Walton offers personalized consulting...

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Consumers Distrust Amazon In-Home Delivery — RetailDive

Consumers aren’t thrilled with Amazon’s plan to send delivery drivers into customer’s homes: “Almost 80% said they are afraid that Amazon Key couriers will steal something from their homes (80.4% of women and 78.4% of men). A breach of privacy is another major concern (76.9% of women said so and 69.9% of men), as well as malicious exploitation of Amazon Key (61.8% of women and 56.2% of men).” P.S. E-commerce still has some bugs to work out, including ways to...

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Suppliers: Are Your Products “Unboxing” Ready? — RetailWire

Packaging and labeling are always important issues for suppliers, but now there is another concern: Are your e-commerce products pretty enough to unbox on social media? “It’s de rigeur these days — especially with Millennials — to snap pictures or videos of food, decor and clothing that can be shared across social media platforms. Eye-catching and photogenic, Supermoon reaches the foodie Instagram accounts and fashion bloggers.” P.S. Developing your e-commerce strategy can be a challenge, particularly with so many different issues...

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Amazon Offers Prime Discount to Medicaid Recipients —

Amazon is now offering discounted Prime memberships to those who receive Medicaid benefits: “Starting Tuesday, people insured by the U.S. government health system will be able to use Medicaid cards to qualify for a $5.99-a-month Prime tier. The Seattle retail giant last year introduced that discounted rate for people who receive government food assistance and have a valid Electronic Benefits Transfer card.” P.S. The competition for e-commerce loyalty is fierce between Walmart and Amazon. Learn how you can improve your relationship with...

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Amazon Considering Banking Products — Wall Street Journal

Walmart has long offered several financial products to its customers. Now Amazon is looking to do the same: “If the product emerges, it would further inject Amazon into the lives of those who shop on its website and at its Whole Foods grocery stores, read on its Kindles, watch its streaming video and chat with Alexa, its digital assistant. Offering a product that is similar to an own-branded bank account could help reduce fees Amazon pays to financial firms and...

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When Is a Walmart Shopper Not a Walmart Shopper? —

A recent story by CNN on Walmart’s changing target demographic makes an interesting observation about Walmart’s strategy: “Walmart is trying to attract a new kind of customer — wealthier people who love to shop online and may never set foot in an actual Walmart store.” P.S. Are you willing to attract a “new kind of customer” to your products on Develop your online strategy now with 8th & Walton’s e-commerce course.

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Walmart Takes on Target with Home Shopping Experience —

Walmart competes with Target’s “cheap chic” with the new specialty home shop on “The discount retailer’s upgraded home goods site is designed to let shoppers browse housewares and furniture based on their tastes, presenting such goods according to nine styles (including what it calls glam, bohemian and Scandinavian as well as traditional and modern) and in a manner that shows how different products will look together, rather than as a simple endless listing of products and prices as most...

Read More Launches New Specialty Home Shopping Experience —

Walmart’s mission is to be the destination for customers no matter how they want to shop or what they want to shop for. And, as a mass retailer, we know that customers shop differently across categories. Some categories are more transactional, like groceries and consumables, while others are more inspirational, like apparel and home. Today, we’re doubling down on the latter and unveiling a new digital shopping experience aligned with how customers naturally shop for home products. As the head...

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Amazon Launches OTC Line — CNBC

Amazon has launched a private label over-the-counter remedies line: “Technically, the company doesn’t own these products, which are produced by private-label manufacturer Perrigo, but it does put Amazon in a position to squeeze other retailers. The e-commerce giant launched the Basic Care line in August, including 60 products ranging from ibuprofen to hair regrowth treatment.“ P.S. Amazon seeks to dominate retail, as does Walmart. If you want to be a part of Walmart’s e-commerce future, check out our E-Commerce course.

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Sellers Greenlight Amazon’s Shipment Service —

Amazon’s third-party sellers are on board with the idea of using Amazon’s own shipping service, as opposed to USPS, UPS, or FedEx: “Amazon is about to launch its new shipping service for Amazon Marketplace retailers, Shipping with Amazon. The majority of sellers polled said they trust Amazon to deliver orders and would switch from current carriers at the right price, according to Internet Retailer Research.” P.S. This latest move by Amazon could create even more disruption in e-commerce. Stay on...

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